Diving in Komodo and Rinca

Komodo is one of the best diving sites in Indonesia (second best after Raja Ampat, Papua by National Geographic Traveler Indonesia). Its ocean current is one of the fast ocean current in the world. That’s why when we diving we must carefully follow the local guide instructions. Under the sea you can expect to meet a whale shark, manta-rays and many formations of coral walls and trenches.

Diving sites:

  1. Seraya Kecil island, near Labuan Bajo: a beauty coral reef and ravine reef, with a large number of  reef shark and red snapper.
  2. Tengah Kecil Island: coral reef, cave diving, valley reef, with a mackerel fish, cod and grouper.
  3. Bugis: a colorful marine park.
  4. Pink Beach: with a drop-off goes a depth of 5 meter packed with hundreds of fishes.
  5. Sangeang: underwater volcano that still active with unique ecosystem and constant hot bubbles.
  6. Cannibal Rock: named after one komodo eat another in a fight; this site reach with yellow and green coral, big nudibranch, frogfish, sea turtle and Rhinopias (scorpion fish).
  7. Manta Alley  / Karang Makasar : high current site with manta rays.
  8. Bonsai: cave diving
  9. Tatawa Island and Tatawa Kecil Island.
  10. Gililawa Laut island: Castle Rock (shark and dolphin) and Crystal Rock (napoleon wrasse and colorfull coral reefs).
  11. Gili Lawa Darat.
  12. Siaba Besar and Siaba Kecil.
  13. Selat Tanjung Komodo.
  14. Batu Bolong: strait between Tatawa and Komodo island.
  15. West south of Nusa Kode island.
  16. Southern side of Rinca island.
  17. Lankoi: south of Komodo.
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