Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon/Varanus Komodoensis (local people called it “ora”) is prehistoric lizard and known as a largest living lizard species in the world. Scientist believes it is a direct descendent of Megalania Presca that lived 30,000 years ago.

Komodo dragon’ body can reach 3 meters long and weight up to 90 kg. With scaly skin, long yellow deeply forked tongue and clawed feet, it can climb up a tree, it can swim and dive and it can run as fast as 18 km/hour. It can see as far as 300 meter and has ability to smell a prey at a distance 11 km. Komodo likes to bite its prey (buffalo, wild boar and deer) on the neck or leg and let it go and followed the prey until its dying. Komodo’s saliva has more than 60 kinds of bacteria to poison the blood’s prey, but its Hemotoxins beneath their teeth that’s effectively do the killing.

The female dragon is “facultative parthenogenesis” which means it can produce eggs with or without a male participation.

The adult dragons live on burrows because it more cooler than outside, while little one spend their most time on trees to escape the predators and adult dragons who don’t hesitate to eat them.

Now this carnivore is only remain around 2,000 spread on the Komodo island, Rinca, Gili Montang and Nusa Kode island.


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