Museum & Traditional House

Geology Museum, Tanjung Pandan

Located at Melati Street in Tanjungpandan city, this museum was built on 1963, initiative by Dr. R. Osberger, a Belgium Geologist, who was intended to collect and store tin mining related products, like a stones, sediments and minerals found along the tin mining and to store mining technique both on land and sea mining include instrument, equipment and its replica. Later on, this museum also collects cultural remains collections such as keris (a wavy double-bladed dagger), spear, machete and other historical treasures from shipwrecked.

On the backyard of the museum there is a mini zoo; you can see crocodiles, sea eagles, squirrels, monkeys, parakeets, parrots, civets, some fish and turtles, and so on.

Museum Badau, Badau District

Located at Badau District (± 20 km from Tanjungpandan) this museum collects the historic heritage of badau kingdom.

Traditional House, Tanjung Pandan

Traditional house of Belitungese people is located near government offices of Belitung (in English: Billiton) residence in Tanjungpandan. This traditional house stores various traditions and cultural heritage of Belitungese communities, such as traditional clothing and bridal apparel, including accessories used in the wedding ceremonies.

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