Lake, Dam, Monastery, etc

Danau Kaolin, Desa Air Raya, Tanjungpandan

Located at Desa Air Raya, this lake around 10 minutes from Tanjungpandan. This lake is abandoned kaolin mining site, through natural process it became lake and became attractive to tourists.

Manggar City – East Belitong

One of the uniqueness of Manggar City is there are so many Warung Kopi or Coffee Shops in this town. Almost all of the residents opened the coffee shop business and the city recorded in MURI (Indonesian Book of Record) as a city with the most coffee shops in Indonesia: 1001 coffee shop!

Manggar city and Gantong city is located in East Belitong district of Belitong island.

Dam Pice – Gantong, East Belitong

Build on 1934-1936 by Dutch this dam is located at Gantong city and still in good condition.

Gantong, East Belitong

Gantong is a hometown of Andrea Hirata (author of “most Indonesia’ powerfull book” Laskar Pelangi ).

Vihara Buddhayana – Burung Mandi, East Belitong

This red Buddhist monastery is the oldest Buddhist monastery in Belitung. There we could ask the monk to read our future. This Monastery was desolate, calm and peaceful except when grave pilgrimage season; Pilgrimage from Taiwan come home to clean the ancestral tomb.

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