Beautiful Beaches at North~Western Belitong

Tanjung Tinggi beach

One of the most beauty beaches is Tanjung tinggi, it is a movie scene location for “Laskar Pelangi” and “Sang Pemimpi” (Movies based on the national best seller of tetra-logy “Laskar Pelangi” novel). It is only about 31 km from Tanjung pandan. The amazing forms and formation of giant rocks looks very fascinating. You can also enjoy the unique Belitungese food such as gangan (the fish, mostly Napoleon fish/’Ketarap fish’, served in yellow spicy soup cooked with turmeric combine with hazelnut, ginger, java tamarind, shrimp paste and lemongrass), the spicy baked fish cooked with pineapple, and so on. There are also a hotels and resort around the beach. Lor-in hotel was in front of this beach.

Bukit Berahu beach

Bukit Berahu beach is located in the fishery village of Tanjung binga. It offers an enjoyable fishing activity around the sea shore and beautiful sunset. It’s also has a white and sandy beach rich of sea-grass and starfish. The clean and shady cottages of ‘Bukit Barahu Resort” is located here.


Tanjung Kelayang beach

Tanjung Kelayang beach is one of the beaches which is located in Sijuk district, and about 27 km from the town center of Tanjungpandan. It is the main point interest for tourists who want to see an amazing unique giant rocks formation. No wonder it is one of the stopover points for yachts that joining “Indonesian Sail Festival” every year.

If you want to take an island tour (to Pulau Lengkuas, Pulau Kelayang, Pulau Burung, Pulau Babi and Pulau Pasir) you better depart from from Tanjung Kelayang. For it is the closest point to visit those beautiful islands.

Tanjung Pendam beach

Tanjung pendam is located in Tanjungpandan. You can see the fascinating small island of Kalamoa facing the beach. On the southern part of the beach, there is Tanjungpandan harbor. The sunset on Tanjung pendam beach is very fantastic. On a certain occasion, the various interesting activities are held in Tanjung pendam beach for both local and foreign tourists such as Buang jong ceremony (fighting using rattan) and other art performance. By March and April when the ebb-tide comes, many local people are hunting “kijing” (some kind of an edible mussel). There is children playing ground at the beach.

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