Small islands at Northern Belitong

Pulau Lengkuas

An 18 stories lighthouse built by Dutch in 1882 is still standing in this island. From Tanjung Kelayang beach this island can be reach about 30 minutes by fisherman boat. In Lengkuas island you can snorkeling and diving in the beautiful white sandy beach, doing sand beach play, relaxing in the hammock, watch the sunset or enjoy this beauty island from above by move up to the top of the lighthouse. (But ask permission to the lighthouse keeper first.)

Pulau Kelayang

In front of Tanjung Kelayang beach (Sijuk District) there is Kelayang Island which has a white sandy beach and Batu Garuda/Garuda rocks, a uniqueness of rocks formation that looks like a head of bird. By snorkeling you can find a very beautiful coral reef near this Batu Garuda.


Pulau Burung

In this beauty island there is a unique rock formation called ‘batu menceko’ (menceko or ‘merenung’ in Indonesian, means ‘muse’) because its looks like a head of wistful man. Its sandy white clear beach coddles our eyes and makes us comfortable.

Pulau Babi & Pulau Babi Kecil

It is said that in the past a native from Belitung island keep and raise pigs in this small beauty island, so that people call this island with “Pulau babi” (means: Pig island). Near this island there is a smaller island called Pulau babi kecil (means: Little pig island), because it is smaller and near the pig island. The white sandy beach of little pig island is full with round shape rocks that if low tide the boat cannot come near its beach. Little pig island also has a beauty shape and white sandy beach.

Pulau Pasir

Near Pulau Babi there’s another interesting island named pulau pasir (means: Sand island). In the high tide the island is completely awash by sea. In this island you can find lots of sea star.

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