Belitong’s souvenir & gifts

Batu Zatam (Zatam rock)

People believe that this rock is a meteorite rock. For its hardness can only be cut off after being lined with betel’s soap. Batu zatam can only found on Belitung Island in Indonesia. Local people found this rock when they mining the tin. Its unique texture makes people often use it as jewel or attached to other precious jewel.


Many kind of handicrafts from shell and sea urchins in many form can be found in Tanjung pandan handicraft shop. Also souvenirs made of rattan or bamboo.

Bitter honey/Pelawan honey is a honey that taste bitter because the bees suck a nectar from flower of Pelawan tree (Cyanometra Cauliflora) that has a bitter taste flower. While sweet honey is from flower of fruit trees or flowering plant that has sweet taste of nectar. [West Bangka; Tanjungpandan & Selat Nasik – Belitung]

Breadfruit crispy chips [Manggar city – East Belitung]

Belitung coffee, famous for its typical taste, it’s one of the coffee lover magnet [Manggar city – East Belitung]

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