Pulau Kakaban and Danau Kakaban, Berau

Long time ago, tectonic activity forces some area of atoll to surfaces above the sea level to became an island and surrounded some sea water in the middle of the island to form a lagoon. Some animals trapped inside lagoon evolved to adapt the new environment including 4 species of jellyfish. The lack of the predator evolved the jellyfish to lose it’s sting ability and become stingless and non-poisoned to human. And that their name came from: stingless jellyfish. The island is called Pulau Kakaban and the brackish water lagoon is called Danau Kakaban.

Recently, Stingless jellyfish also found in several places in Indonesia such as Pulau Maratua (Derawan islands, East Kalimantan), Raja Ampat (West Papua), Togean islands (Central Sulawesi) and Rote island (East Nusa Tenggara).

Steep wall of coral reefs surrounding the island. One of diving spots is barracuda point where we can see whitetip shark, jack, snapper, tuna and barracuda.

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One thought on “Pulau Kakaban and Danau Kakaban, Berau

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    Informasi Seputar Indonesia

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