Tanah Towa Traditional Village, Kajang, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi

While visiting Tana Towa Village, visitors are required to wear black clothes, as black color symbolizes simplicity and equality, and also this black clothing is to protect the visitors from harmful magic spells. All around the village at certain places especially at sacred sites there is an unseen magic spell that could harm people who pass through. It is said that because of their supernatural power, their village never become a Dutch colony.

The black color also became villagers everyday clothes: from dress, sarong, to cover head. We can rent/borrow black clothes from Tana Towa Village Head, his house located a few hundred meters before the Tana Towa Entrance Gate.

Tana Towa inhabited by the Kajang tribe. And Ammatoa is a name designated for the head of the tribe. For everyday communication, they use traditional language Konjo.

Kajang tribes still retain a simple way of life: far from the bustle of modernity, without electricity, without vehicle, without footwear, keep the noble values of​​ customs and live in harmony with nature. They respect and protected the forest around the village. Their people is strictly prohibited from logging, hunting animals, or collect forest products. Because they believed it will bring curse for the perpetrator and threaten the tribe as it can lead to the cessation of water flow in the village. To meet the needs of everyday life, they work as farmers, carpenters and weavers without any tendency of looking for something more than the necessities or profit.

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