Belitung’ Interest Places

Bangka-Belitong Underwater

There are several snorkeling spots in Belitung, such as:

  • Batu penyu beach
  • Tanjung binga (Bukit Berahu) beach
  • Tanjung tinggi (Lor in) beach
  • Batu camar beach
  • Pulau Kelayang and Tanjung kelayang beach
  • Pulau Babi
  • Pulau Lengkuas
  • Pulau Mendanau in sub-district Selat Nasik
  • Pulau Memperak at East Belitung

Belitung also offers a coral reefs and wrecks diving. A numerous shipwreck lies in the Gaspar Straits thats separate Bangka island and Belitung island offers a lot wreck diving spots.

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Hotels in Manggar, East Belitong

*Bukit Samak Café & Hotel

Bukit samak café is located on the hill side of manggar city and has a beautiful view of manggar beach from the height. It has a play ground for kids and it is a favorite hangout place for local people to enjoy sunset.

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Hotels in Sijuk, Belitong

* Bukit Berahu Resort & Restaurant_Tanjung Binga village

Located in Tanjung Binga and about 18km from Tanjung Pandan, Bukit Berahu Resort has a good restaurant and swimming pool. From the restaurant, we can see fantastic view of long Bebute beach and Tanjung Binga beach. Its shady and natural panorama makes this place so comfortable and romantic.

* Lor In Hotel & Resort_Keciput village Tanjung Tinggi; Telp. (0719) 24100

This 3 star hotel is located in Tanjung Tinggi beach and about 31 km from Tanjung Pandan. It has a restaurant, swimming pool and beautiful view of Tanjung Tinggi beach. Same as Bukit berahu hotel, this hotel is located at Tanjung Tinggi beach.

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Beautiful Beaches at Eastern Belitong

Burung Mandi Beach (East Belitung)

Beach in the Eastern Belitung is not as beauty as beach in the western side if Belitung. But the calmness of this places can warm the soul.

‘Pantai Burung Mandi / Bathing Bird Beach’ is located around 20km from Manggar city to the north.

Nyiur Melambai Beach (East Belitung)

This beach is in the Manggar city.

Punai Beach (East Belitung)

This beach is located in Tanjung Kelumpang village, Dendang District and around 84.5km from Tanjungpandan.

Sengaran Beach (East Belitung)

This beach is located in Kelapa Kampit District, around 40km from Manggar city to the north, and about 60 km from Tanjungpandan to the east.

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Beautiful Beaches at Southern Belitong

Penyabong & Batu Kura beach

Penyabong beach & Batu Kura (means: Turtle Stone) beach is located in Batu Lubang which belongs to Padang Kandis village. Located at southern area of Belitung Island, it is 58 km from Tanjungpandan. Rocks formations like a turtle shape, sleeping elephant and head of ancient mankind decorated this place. This virgin beach is good for a person who wants to makes private activities freely, because it’s so quiet and peaceful.

Also visit those attractive beaches:

Teluk Gembira beach

It is located at Membalong district and about 65km from Tanjungpandan.

Tanjung Kiras beach

It is located at Membalong district and about 70km from Tanjungpandan.

Tanjung Rusa beach

It is located at Membalong district and about 70km from Tanjungpandan.

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Beautiful Beaches at North~Western Belitong

Tanjung Tinggi beach

One of the most beauty beaches is Tanjung tinggi, it is a movie scene location for “Laskar Pelangi” and “Sang Pemimpi” (Movies based on the national best seller of tetra-logy “Laskar Pelangi” novel). It is only about 31 km from Tanjung pandan. The amazing forms and formation of giant rocks looks very fascinating. You can also enjoy the unique Belitungese food such as gangan (the fish, mostly Napoleon fish/’Ketarap fish’, served in yellow spicy soup cooked with turmeric combine with hazelnut, ginger, java tamarind, shrimp paste and lemongrass), the spicy baked fish cooked with pineapple, and so on. There are also a hotels and resort around the beach. Lor-in hotel was in front of this beach.

Bukit Berahu beach

Bukit Berahu beach is located in the fishery village of Tanjung binga. It offers an enjoyable fishing activity around the sea shore and beautiful sunset. It’s also has a white and sandy beach rich of sea-grass and starfish. The clean and shady cottages of ‘Bukit Barahu Resort” is located here.


Tanjung Kelayang beach

Tanjung Kelayang beach is one of the beaches which is located in Sijuk district, and about 27 km from the town center of Tanjungpandan. It is the main point interest for tourists who want to see an amazing unique giant rocks formation. No wonder it is one of the stopover points for yachts that joining “Indonesian Sail Festival” every year.

If you want to take an island tour (to Pulau Lengkuas, Pulau Kelayang, Pulau Burung, Pulau Babi and Pulau Pasir) you better depart from from Tanjung Kelayang. For it is the closest point to visit those beautiful islands.

Tanjung Pendam beach

Tanjung pendam is located in Tanjungpandan. You can see the fascinating small island of Kalamoa facing the beach. On the southern part of the beach, there is Tanjungpandan harbor. The sunset on Tanjung pendam beach is very fantastic. On a certain occasion, the various interesting activities are held in Tanjung pendam beach for both local and foreign tourists such as Buang jong ceremony (fighting using rattan) and other art performance. By March and April when the ebb-tide comes, many local people are hunting “kijing” (some kind of an edible mussel). There is children playing ground at the beach.

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Small islands at Southwest Belitong

Pulau Tanjung Lancur

It is the place of lighthouse in Mendanau Island, in Selat Nasik sub-district. The lighthouse was built by Dutch in 1800 as a direction for the ships crossing Bngka-Belitung sea. This place was one of the places in Belitung Island to snorkeling or diving to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs. You can also explore the incredible beaches and islands around the sea shore.

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Small islands at Northern Belitong

Pulau Lengkuas

An 18 stories lighthouse built by Dutch in 1882 is still standing in this island. From Tanjung Kelayang beach this island can be reach about 30 minutes by fisherman boat. In Lengkuas island you can snorkeling and diving in the beautiful white sandy beach, doing sand beach play, relaxing in the hammock, watch the sunset or enjoy this beauty island from above by move up to the top of the lighthouse. (But ask permission to the lighthouse keeper first.)

Pulau Kelayang

In front of Tanjung Kelayang beach (Sijuk District) there is Kelayang Island which has a white sandy beach and Batu Garuda/Garuda rocks, a uniqueness of rocks formation that looks like a head of bird. By snorkeling you can find a very beautiful coral reef near this Batu Garuda.


Pulau Burung

In this beauty island there is a unique rock formation called ‘batu menceko’ (menceko or ‘merenung’ in Indonesian, means ‘muse’) because its looks like a head of wistful man. Its sandy white clear beach coddles our eyes and makes us comfortable.

Pulau Babi & Pulau Babi Kecil

It is said that in the past a native from Belitung island keep and raise pigs in this small beauty island, so that people call this island with “Pulau babi” (means: Pig island). Near this island there is a smaller island called Pulau babi kecil (means: Little pig island), because it is smaller and near the pig island. The white sandy beach of little pig island is full with round shape rocks that if low tide the boat cannot come near its beach. Little pig island also has a beauty shape and white sandy beach.

Pulau Pasir

Near Pulau Babi there’s another interesting island named pulau pasir (means: Sand island). In the high tide the island is completely awash by sea. In this island you can find lots of sea star.

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Lake, Dam, Monastery, etc

Danau Kaolin, Desa Air Raya, Tanjungpandan

Located at Desa Air Raya, this lake around 10 minutes from Tanjungpandan. This lake is abandoned kaolin mining site, through natural process it became lake and became attractive to tourists.

Manggar City – East Belitong

One of the uniqueness of Manggar City is there are so many Warung Kopi or Coffee Shops in this town. Almost all of the residents opened the coffee shop business and the city recorded in MURI (Indonesian Book of Record) as a city with the most coffee shops in Indonesia: 1001 coffee shop!

Manggar city and Gantong city is located in East Belitong district of Belitong island.

Dam Pice – Gantong, East Belitong

Build on 1934-1936 by Dutch this dam is located at Gantong city and still in good condition.

Gantong, East Belitong

Gantong is a hometown of Andrea Hirata (author of “most Indonesia’ powerfull book” Laskar Pelangi ).

Vihara Buddhayana – Burung Mandi, East Belitong

This red Buddhist monastery is the oldest Buddhist monastery in Belitung. There we could ask the monk to read our future. This Monastery was desolate, calm and peaceful except when grave pilgrimage season; Pilgrimage from Taiwan come home to clean the ancestral tomb.

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Gurok Beraye waterfall

Gurok beraye is located in Gunung Tajam hill, in sub district Badau, about 30km from Tanjung pandan. It is a stream which flows from the higher land to the lower land forming waterfall with clear cold mountain water and unique endemic fishes. In this hill you can also find many kind of butterflies. On the top of the hill lies a grave of Datuk syech Abu Hasan bin Abdullah as the Moslem proselytizer in Belitung.

Batu Mentas waterfall

About 25km east of Tanjung Pandan, in Kelekak Datuk village in sub district Badau, we can find a multilevel natural pool in three terraces. Formation of the rocks and the different height of the pools form a beautiful waterfall named Batu Mentas. To reach this place we had to walk 7 km from Kelekak Datuk through the conservation forest in the wet slippery path, especially during the rainy season.

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